Cookie Tacos for 2nd Birthday Party

Misty comes up with some of the greatest ideas for Party Themes.  This year for Precious’ 2nd Birthday the theme was “Dragons Love Tacos”.  One of Precious’ favorite books.

Misty found a link to these great Cookie Tacos using Vanilla Oreos and Regular Oreos.  A little time consuming but easy to make.  There are a lot of recipes out there and I read quite a few of them.  However, this is what I did:

Cut off 1/3 of the Vanilla Oreos (I used the complete package) and toss the 1/3 in a container (to ear later as they are not needed for the tacos); separate the cookies and scrape the filing off (save in same container for the same reason:)) and set the cookies aside.  Next take about 6 of the regular Oreos and separate them and scrape the filing off and put in container mentioned above.  Put the regular Oreos in a zip lock bag and pound into fine crumbs – pour into a container for use as your taco meat.  Tint 2 bowls of 1/3 cup each – 1 bowl green for lettuce and 1 bowl yellow for cheese.  I used Twisters, but you can use any red candy and cut it into sizes appropriate for a tomato topping.

Now you are ready to assemble.  Spread chocolate frosting on 1 Oreo and dip into the “meat” then stick the other side to the meat side in a slight “V” shape.  Top with lettuce, cheese and tomato.  Set them in a container and continue intil you have all the Oreo Tacos completed.  Feel free to eat or share all broken and extra fillings.


We added some of the Cookie Tacos to the top of Precious’ cake and the remainder were eaten by the adults at her birthday party.


The party was held at McDonnell Park in St. Ann, MO.  We had a nice large pavilion next to a wonder playground and swings.  Plenty of activities for the little ones and room for the adults to visit and keep a watchful eye on our little ones.   Perfect weather for a perfect party.  Thanks Rahm & Misty for all your hard work getting this ready.  Love You!!

Until Next Time, God Bless



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