Sewing Summer Dress for Precious

My Viking Ruby Royal sewing/embroidery machine was in the shop for a couple of weeks and I definitely went through withdrawal.  I have some kind of a sewing project lined up and working almost every day.  This is a little dress that I whipped up and accented with some butterfly appliqué that I purchased thru Amazon.  The butterfly pockets were a little bit of a challenge simply due to their small size; but they worked out just fine.  After all she is only 2yo and on the move.


It fit her perfectly and she had to wear it the first day.  She is only 2 yo, but she seems to know how to keep her Grammy in line and doing her bidding.  Smiles, ladybug hugs and butterfly kisses go a long way to making Grammy’s heart melt and this Grammy is loving every bit of it.  Misty tried to tell me that I’m the adult and in charge and Precious does need to get what she wants all the time.  I just laughed and ask her if Precious was aware of that fact.  I reminded Misty that my real job was unconditional love and acceptance & I was excelling in that department.  🙂

Being a Grammy is the absolutely best job I have ever had the privilege to have. Love all 3 of my grandkids and baby Sister isn’t even here as yet..

Butterfly Kisses!



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