Butterfly – FSL (free standing lace)

My daughter comes up with some of the best decorating ideas – dragon tacos out of Oreos & circles on the bedroom wall). She roams Pinterest and other sites picking out what suits her needs and sometime she gets me involved.  Such is how the circles on the wall came to be.

After creating the stencils, painting them on the wall and doing the cleanup on the designs; it was time for a little creativity from me.  We both like and collect butterflies.  They are a symbol of new beginning, transformation and just down right beautiful.

There are a lot of machine embroidery designs for FSL and I have a few in my collection.  I also have quite a few regular butterflies.  I stitched out the FSL designs according to the direction and for the others, I used sparkling organzas to stabilize the design.   Gingerly cut around the design.  I had used 3 layers of water soluble stabilizer so by gently wetting each butterfly and shaping it on a towel, I was able to give the illusion of flight.  Attach them to the wall with double sided tape and now we have butterflies fluttering around the wall.

Happy Decorating!


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