Low Carb Pancakes

I had a great opportunity to try a couple of new recipes tonight. Larry attended a meeting on fishing in the St. Louis Area. I am hoping he finds a fishing spot this spring for when the wind settles down and the waters warm up slightly.

This recipe is from one of Dana Carpenter’s books and the recipe is Jeanette Wiese Best Pancakes I Ever Had. Click here for a link to the recipe.

I have cooked with Almond Flour before and they do produce food that is grainy in texture. I took 2 steps to help improve the texture. First was using Honeyville Almond Flour. It is a finer texture and produces a less grainy texture. The second step was to let the mixture set for 30 minutes so the flour has a chance to absorb some moisture & soften.

The mixture is quite thick. The first pancakes burned easily. I added some water to thin the batter and the next pancakes were cooked done and they had a nice brown finish.

Next time for additional flavor I am adding some Splenda, a little more vanilla & use cream to thin.

Well, time has passed and a second batch has been made with these alterations: I had 4 oz of cream cheese opened-just threw it all in; added 1/4 cup Splenda, 1 t. Vanilla extract & thinned the batter with heavy cream. Let mixture set for 20-30 minutes for improved texture. Delicious.

They are dry and will soak up the syrup so be sure you have plenty on hand. We like Smuckers Sugar-free Syrup.

Happy Cooking!


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