Quilting – Proud to be an American

Sometimes we do the seemly crazy things.  Take perfectly good fabric, cut it up, sew it back together and cut it up and sew it back together again,.  The results are amazing!  That is the technique used to create this Waving Flag Quilted Table Topper.

My Tuesday night group again came up with a wonderful learning experience with amazing results.  I had been wanting to try this technique, but just to scared to try it on my own.  Diana & Donna are great teachers and I love their ideas.


I am still learning to piece quilt.  My corners don’t always match and my seams are not always right on target, but I am still learning.  At 71yrs I am grateful that I am still active and able to do the things I do.

Have a Great Day & God Bless America.


Watermelon Table Runner

I love our sewing group at Abbey Sewing Center located in the Joann’s in Ballwin.  We meet on Tuesday evenings and each week it is a different project.  One of our projects was this table runner and I must say “it almost ate my lunch!”  All the different pieces and adding the diagonals on the ends going the correct directions – yuck.

But I put it down for a couple of days and then went back to it and everything fell into place – mostly.  Not all my corners are matched, but don’t look too close and you will never notice – hopefully.   It is put together with batting and a backing and quilted with a little top stitching.  When I finished there was just enough red material to create 4 coasters.  So there you have it – another Ann’s Creations – with a lot of help from Diana and the Tuesday night sewers – Thanks everyone.